Phyllis Famiglietti

Phyllis Famiglietti founded Figments Editorial after 10 years of editing news and documentaries at NBC. Phyllis edited director/photographer Bruce Weber's feature documentary Broken Noses which won an IDA Documentary Award. She's edited numerous commercials, documentaries, web videos and music videos including the video for the Pet Shop Boy's Being Boring, which won Music Week's Best Video of the Year. 


Banana Republic, Barneys, Vanity Fair, Abercrombie & Fitch, Armani, Levis, Versace, Estee Lauder, Hasbro, Playskool, UJA, Habitat for Humanity, PBS,


Artist Statement

What I like most about working in collage is that I get to play with appearances and assumptions of consensus reality.

As a film and video editor I'm continuously putting images in order. A few years ago I felt a pressing need to go beyond the constraints of video and film and so ventured into the world of mixed media.  The work I started producing utilized the genres I knew so well, but in a much more tactile way. I could break free of computer screens and physically manipulate image, text and form. I could experiment with disarrangement and disorder which for me, led to fascinating levels of abstraction.
I use a variety of materials in my work. Sometimes a piece of text or my own photography might be the jumping off point for a particular piece. But more often, old books and magazines, found elements from the street and ripped-off advertising posters from construction sites around the city are what interests me.  Weathered and worn, the color and textures of these materials allow me to explore shapes and form, re-grouping and re-framing these materials in new and exciting relationships.  The feeling that layers of text and image are being peeled away and formerly hidden ideas and impressions revealed, is the basis of my investigation.